Vodafone launches new m-payment system. Telecomunicaciones :: Smartphone

Vodafone launches new m-payment system

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Vodafone UK has launched a new online payment system at this year’s Mobile Commerce World exhibition.

The new mpay system was unveiled on the show floor today and marks Vodafone as the first UK operator to launch a product that allows consumers to pay for big-ticket goods via their mobile phones.
The product builds on the recently launched Vodafone mpay bill micropayment facility which offers a macro payment alternative. Vodafone representatives will be giving live demonstrations this week at Mobile Commerce World Europe http://www.mobilecommerceworld.com/mcw_euro2002/

The launch is part of Vodafone's m-commerce strategy to revitalize WAP commerce and is to be rolled out to Vodafone UK’s entire global network of operations.

It is hoped the new product will boost m-commerce services for the mobile giant, which has previously focused on micropayment services, such as Vodafone UK's product, m-pay, which primarily caters for small-value purchases of digital content.

Vodafone UK announced today on the show floor that more than 30 merchants have signed up to the system.

Vodafone has secured a deal with wireless commerce application provider Digital Rum to bring on board launch partners for m-pay cards including cinema chains Odeon and Warner Village Cinemas and ticket-booking company Wayahead Group. Web partners include CD Wow! and Friends Reunited.

“Many of the barriers to online commerce have been broken down,” said Jim Wadsworth, head of m-commerce, Vodafone UK. “Our customers no longer need to spend time filling in lengthy forms with their credit or debit number, expiry date etc. When they want to buy something online, once they’re registered it’s just a matter of entering their user name and password and they’re away.”

To use the service, Vodafone UK users have to sign up to a server-based e-wallet system at vodafone.co.uk/mpay-cards, log credit card and delivery address details and select a user name and four-digit pin number.

Purchases are confirmed via a text message. Users reply with the password to confirm that the user of the mobile device is the owner of the debit card.

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