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The World's Most Advanced Bluetooth Key for Digital Tachographs

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bluetooth key Digital_tachograph key The device developed by KALYSIS is the most advanced in the world to comply with national and international legislation on Digital Tachograph .

It consists of a Bluetooth communication key that allows the extraction of data from the driver's smart card and from the digital tachograph to be sent via from your Smartphone to a server where your data is analyzed and stored.

As of January 1, 2006, all new commercial vehicles in the European Union, weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, or with nine seats including the driver, must incorporate digital tachographs.

tachograph_digital key

Tachograph key KALYSIS , specialist in solutions for smart cards and with extensive experience in the transport sector is positioned competitively in the " Internet of things " .

plastic injection mold In addition to innovating in energy optimization (it is a 'cold' device, which supports wide voltage ranges on all types of vehicles, and can be used for data download even with dangerous goods transport) has unique special smart features: Autobaudio : negotiation automatic optimal connection speed .

The optimized download times for the maximum speed allowed by your digital tachograph result in a great time saving practice when shipping, as envisioned the law, quarterly downloads. Or very urgent and critical; for example, in the event of a sanction en route for fleets abroad, in which the contents of the tachograph should be communicated as soon as possible.


Physical and logical security, Electronic ID, smart cards, electronics, Internet of Things ( IOT ): design and development of equipment, communication protocols.

Computer science, electronics and telecommunications. Electronic and computerized management of transport terminals ( Gran Terminal Nacional de Transporte de Panamá ) and smart card systems.

IBM access control of its employees in Spain, Zenit, Cáceres, Aldeatejada High Performance Center, Salamanca. Telefónica de España : Tetrapol telecommunications protocol, health emergency call centers, secure access devices to the ACQUIRA platform. U.M.E. Military Emergency Unit : mobile control of military access in emergency zones. Novartis Farmacéutica : all online programs and systems used in pharmacies, health care centers, and by patients of the card program for patients with chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, COPD ). VODAFONE : access and control system for employees in its call centers, Boecillo in Spain and Santiago de Chile. B-Smart credit card BANAMEX-CITIBANK , first credit card for online use, Mexico. Colleges (technical and higher) of Telecommunications Engineers : advanced electronic signature. U.N.E.D. : advanced electronic signature. Municipal transport companies: E.M.T. of Málaga, Granada, public health services, health card, electronic devices (readers, electronic prescriptions, vending machines, automatons).

Non-exhaustive list : more than 1,000 companies that serve millions of customers / users in the world with our systems and applications.

With more than a million prepaid cards issued - without a single forgery or fraud - more than 300,000 transactions / day, we operate businesses of more than 10 million EUR turnover / year.

Compatible with all digital tachographs , the digital tachograph download key from KALYSIS is an electronic device CE and RoHS certified .

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