KYA® - The Disruptive Telecommunications Company with the Lowest Rates in the World. Tacógrafo Digital :: Descargas Tacógrafo

KYA® - The Disruptive Telecommunications Company with the Lowest Rates in the World

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Thanks to their smart cards in telecommunications networks, associated electronic payment and authentication services' market knowledge, KALYSIS presents to the market, in a "brutal and disruptive" way, two virtual operators. One deals with providing the world's cheapest rates for mobile and international calls. The other is the first to offer Digital Tachograph data download services in real time and without geographic limits.

The Virtual Operator KYA TelcoThe opportunity is manifested in Fleet Management: calls between its members are free, it also offers universal roaming for sending digital tachograph's legal files with its flagship product: the World's most Advanced Bluetooth Key for Tachograph Downloads.

Chosen by IBM® IoT to participate in IBM Watson® Builder, KALYSIS® is the first company to analyze digital tachograph files with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and to offer a global telecommunications service for the most part totally free, covering throughout Europe and North Africa, among more than 200 countries, on all continents, to facilitate the sending of data, even without wireless communications, thanks to universal IoT data roaming.
La Operadora Virtual tacógrafos digitales KYA TelcoAs long as wireless communications exist, drivers who are on their trips through Europe can continue to send their rest and speed data to avoid being fined. However, real-time tracking of vehicles is not possible without resorting to expensive data services when they are outside their home countries. With the KYA® telecommunications solutions from Kalysis you can continue to send securely with all European operators in roaming IoT data, your geo-location data, digital tachograph card, or even emergency SMS. This information can be sent on demand, when required or in real time, without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. KALYSIS IoT equipment will use all mobile phone data networks to be able to continue sending data without interruption, with the lowest cost of ownership in telecommunications in the world, and worldwide.

Nursing home for the elderly telephone switchboard - virtual operator ivrKALYSIS also installs revolutionary virtual switchboards in hospitals and residences allowing unlimited free calls between family members and residents. Diego Antona, its CEO, comments: "it is not technically explained that they have not previously offered an extension to call or be called by a family member, patient or external, free, and unattended for staff and users of health or assistance centers".

The second of the operators, KYnteligentes®, offers voice communications where the "traditional" instant messaging communications do not reach, allowing communication between traditional PSTN voice networks and voice over IP (VoIP) on demand and at low rates. Cheaper than all existing, this allows calls between mobile or international with the cost of a local call. In addition, just by acquiring a prepaid card (from one dollar) you will be able to make unlimited free calls between cardholders from different countries, and 'go over' or share your prepaid balances for calls to third-party mobiles or international calls.

Virtual Telecommunications Carrier KYA TelcoIf you are a Fleet Management professional, download or analyze Digital Tachograph files, or provide Legal Transport Services (infractions and sanctions, insurance), please contact our management by phone (+34) 950 72 00 50 | (+1) 260 KALY 202 from USA. Improve and save on the telecommunications of your existing systems. Design new value-added services for your clients.

· If you want to call any country in the world with KYnteligentes®, get in touch and we will give you a courtesy card with international calls to the country of your choice.

…Because there are phones without instant messaging and mobiles without data.

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