Kalysis Develops the first Worldwide Wireless IoT. Internet de las Cosas :: IoT

Kalysis Develops the first Worldwide Wireless IoT

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A Multipurpose Device for the Internet of Things with coverage throughout the Planet

A select group of engineers, Data Scientists, for its optimization in autonomous consumption with Artificial Intelligence, including Biotechnologists, to be able to be used in verticals such as Health and Sanitation, develops feverishly to meet the first powered phase of the "Hybris WWI", and enter the second, powered by batteries that allow a military autonomy of 3 months. Currently, the multipurpose device can be powered from the USB socket of the car cigarette lighter.

The device is not a simple data collector to use: it is a multipurpose unit that allows the same to manage a complete access control system, in master-slaves structures , such as an industrial production plant. From the control of electric scooters, rental vehicles - even being a sensor of accidents in the Cloud - or bicycles, to the operation of mechanical respirators; from processing analysis of medical equipment to serving as an alarm connected to the police in case of theft or assault. The user can take the device with them when they finish work and use it as the home automation control of their home. You can control the transport of containers, from Dubai to Panama, not only by the route, the times, or the temperature, but at the same time ensure the safety and inviolability of the cargo.
"The most impressive thing has not even been realized yet by KALYSIS: it will be the use that customers and users make of it." The IoT Platform is open to exploiting all the outputs and inputs of the controllers: it is its conception as a mirror "both on Earth (the Hybrid WWI plates) and in Heaven (the Webapp)", says Diego Antona, CEO of KALYSIS Grupo, "the one that makes the multipurpose system powerful. The ability to have worldwide communications, from 2G to LTE-M, 4G, or NB-IoT, allows you to not even have to worry about configuration. It is done automatically at the time of turning them on."

Related: We acknowledge the R&D effort of so many university students who have had contact with KALYSIS since 2001. Here you will find some of their doctoral theses that have been helpful in the implementation of our technologies. Kalysis Doctoral Theses.

About KALYSIS: Pioneers in cryptography holds patents for the uses of smart cards in communication networks: the electronic DNI, the USBToken , or the Bluetooth Key for Digital Tachographs. KALYSIS® has been at the forefront from the first digital signature certificates, Artificial Intelligence (AI), to Internet of Things ( IoT ) devices.
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