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  contactless cards (mifare)

  Mifare Classic

  - covers hardwired ICs using the MIFARE classic protocol, such as the MIFARE standard and the new MIFARE standard 4K. It has 1 Kbytes EEPROM read/write memory.

  Mifare Ultralight

  - is ideal for secure, low-cost, high-volume applications such as public transport ticketing, event ticketing and many others, providing the perfect replacement for today's magnetic stripe contact reader infrastructure. MIFARE ultralight has a 512-bit EEPROM read/write memory and is compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures.

  Mifare Dual Interface

  - controllers include the MIFARE PRO and the MIFARE PROX, family. These 8-bit microcontroller ICs feature an open protocol on both contact and contactless interfaces, delivering the flexibility and security to support multiple applications on a single card IC.

  what is contactless card(mifare)?

  Initially used for security access control, Contactless cards are increasingly popular for applications that demand faster transactions than the normal 'contact' smart card technology. These cards can also be combined with a number of application including credit card functions, loyalty schemes, car park payment, library fees, computer or Internet use, and more. Unlike contact cards that must be inserted into the terminal to make a transaction, Security Plastics' contactless cards can be waved in front of the terminal up to a maximum of 10cms distance.

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