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KALYSIS' Press Notes


March 14, 2002  

April 11, 2001
    Towitoko AG acquires Zone Development to become Towitoko, Inc.

    The Acquisition of Zone Development was a strategic advancement for Towitoko's presence in North America to bolster revenue and establish key relationships for the company's growth.

May 21, 2001  

    Towitoko, Inc. announces the release of the CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Device and the CHIPDRIVE SIM-Manager Pro.

  • CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Device - In combination with the CHIPDRIVE time recording device or the CHIPDRIVE PC time clock, the software offers a simple and intuitive time recording system based on chip cards. Nominal times and fixed or variable breaks can be specified individually for each person. Graphical calendars are used to enter vacation days, public holidays and sick days. Project-specific time and cost analysis is also possible. This allows you to list the hours of all the personell that are involved in a project and then total those hours while taking into account the labor costs.

  • CHIPDRIVE SIM-Manager Pro - The CHIPDRIVE SIM-Manager Pro gives you access to the GSM card of your mobile phone - on your PC. You are able to load, copy and print telephone numbers comfortably and in very short time. The time of uncomfortable handling of small keys on your cellular phone is over. You are also able to import numbers from other applications!

May 14, 2001  

    Towitoko, Inc. attends CTST 2001.

    Towitoko, Inc. had a tremendous presence at the 11th annual CardTech/SecureTech conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, displaying Towitoko's products to thousands of professionals from many markets from around the world.

  • CardTech/SecureTech promotes the advancement of smart cards, biometrics and security technologies through educational resources for professionals at every level.

Nov 12, 2001  

    Towitoko, Inc. Announces the release of the CHIPDRIVE Windows 2000 Smart Card Logon Pack

    Microsoft Windows 2000 includes platform support for smart cards and readers. The Windows Smart Card is already set up for use with Windows 2000. All you need to do is configure your certification authority to issue smart card logon certificates, connect your CHIPDRIVE reader and personalize your card.

    The CHIPDRIVE Windows 2000 Smart Card Logon Pack will include:

    1 CHIPDRIVE Micro
    Windows Smart Card
    CHIPDRIVE driver software
    Comprehensive user guide

Nov 12-16, 2001  

    Towitoko, Inc. attends Comdex 2001.

    Towitoko, Inc. had a tremendous presence at Comdex 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada, displaying Towitoko's products to thousands of professionals and electronic enthusiasts from around the world.