NFC Contacless Smart Card Reader

Proximity cards, especially Mifare / NFC are an equally safe option, and much more comfortable than the use of contact cards, because insertion in the reader device is not necessary to operate with them. KALYSIS has carried out projects with thousands and millions of cards, from Novartis Pharmaceuticals to projects with cards for the traffic of travelers, as in the Great Terminal of Transport of Panama, where it has supplied more proximity cards than in all the transport consortiums of Andalusia together.

If you have an initiative in the sectors of health, access control, or transportation, count on the daily experience of KALYSIS systems that support traffic of more than 500,000 users / day.

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NFC Contacless Smart Card Reader

Lector ACR35 NFC & Banda Magnética (ACR35)

Lector ACR35 NFC & Banda Magnética

ACR35 NFC Smart Card Reader & Magnetic...

Sales price: 65,3 €
Sales price without tax: 54,0 €
Tax amount: 11,3 €

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scl011 Lector de Tarjetas Inteligentes de Proximidad NFC

NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader

The perfect choice for RFID proximity...

Sales price: 59,0 €
Sales price without tax: 48,8 €
Tax amount: 10,2 €

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sdi011 Lector de Tarjetas Inteligentes y DNI-e de Contacto y Proximidad NFC

Smart Card Reader and DNI-e Contact and Contactless y NFC

The dual USB electronic IDI011 readers....

Sales price: 76,5 €
Sales price without tax: 63,2 €
Tax amount: 13,3 €

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