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Kalysis is the first brand in Spain to exclusively produce electronic devices for smart cards. Pioneers in Electronic Signature, creators of patent applications of smart cards in communications networks: the electronic National Identity Card (DNI-e), USB Token, or Bluetooth Key for Digital Tachographs, Kalysis has been at the forefront since the first digital signature certificates to the Internet of Things' devices (IoT). Kalysis uses its own designs and components in a strictly controlled production process, so that the technology and quality are guaranteed by international professionals. All Kalysis devices use high quality CE & RoHS components from different countries; So it has meticulously arranged from a small part to the complete device.

Kalysis certified devices are designed by leading electronics engineers in Spain and product managers with innovative concepts. Spain is one of the countries where smart card technology and electronic certificates have been developed most. What's more, Kalysis is one of the world's 120 most innovative companies in Identity and Electronic Payment, with more than 1,000 customers and millions of users worldwide. Smartcards are just the beginning.


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Key Bluetooth

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Description of the KB ( Bluetooth Key )

Built specifically to comply with the legal regulations of the digital tachograph, it is able to adapt equally to the diagnostic port of your vehicle, and thanks to its Bluetooth communication capability , be used in Access Control systems of vehicles, employees, or goods .

The most innovative feature is that it allows all types of combinations: a company with several vehicles and drivers, or drivers working for different companies and different vehicles, without having to make investments in embedded systems or specific installations by tachograph.

Download Digital Tachograph Remote

Thanks to the KB device, the company does not have to worry about downloading data manually. The device is programmed to perform the data dump automatically, remotely and with the periodicity that the customer decides (even punctual and instant, if it is needed, in case of a fine or accident). The data download is done using your Smartphone via GPRS, 3G or Wi- Fi , making a treatment of the information in a 100% safe way.

The Bluetooth capability of the KB makes it a very attractive device - technology beacons - for the transport sector, being also open for its Bluetooth communication with other devices in the market, especially Smartphones , expanding the range of uses and possibilities in IoT ecosystems Present and future, from electronic payment to fleet management and interaction with third party devices and sensors .

What does it consist of?

Remote (and unattended) driver card and digital tachograph download

KALYSIS offers an innovative remote download service for driver card data and digital tachographs via the Bluetooth Keyboard ( KB ).

It allows the download of the data without the need of intervention of the driver. Those who manage these data may choose to download them at any time ( total , between dates , since last download ) or to download them periodically and automated (download unattended), always respecting the technical and legal requirements By the European Union.

The KB device is a "cold device", CE & RoHS certified, to be used permanently in the communication port of the digital tachograph. It is the only one of the market that has been certified ex profeso for this, being able to be used from military vehicles to the transport of dangerous goods. It also supports a wide voltage range that allows it to be used with all types of vehicles while maintaining its functionality without limitations.

Another feature of its communications is its "Autobaudio" functionality that allows you to automatically set the highest possible transfer speed, especially reducing download times for large files.