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Tx Log On Tx Log On
Tx Log On is an easy, secure, and cost-effective way to lock your individual PC using a smart card. Tx Log On is designed for single user log on and does not require digital certificates or network administration.

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Tx Log On is avaliable with the micro 120(serial), micro 130(USB), and SCR335(USB). However, it is compatible with any of our smart card readers. Tx Log On includes:

  • Serial, USB, or PCMCIA reader
  • Tx Log On smart card
  • Tx Log On software
  • Comprehensive user guide

  • Prices:
    €59.00 (Serial)
    €69.00 (USB)
    €99.00 (PCMCIA)
    €99.00 (Keyboard - USB)
    €39.95 (card & software only)

    Sphinx Log On Sphinx Log On
    The Sphinx Log On Manager smart card solution securely stores user names, passwords and credit card account information. Now users can login to Windows, networks, websites, applications and complete web purchases by simply using the Sphinx Log On Manager software and smart card.

    The Sphinx software can be used by itself, or with a building access application. Corporate users can use their photo identification building access cards to securely access their network. Open Domain works with a variety of Sphinx partners to bring multi-functional card solutions to customers around the world.

    Sphinx Log On Manager and CardMaker can be used with the following types of smart cards:

  • Contactless(RF) Cards
  • Contact Cards
  • Contactless(RF) + Contact Cards

  • For detailed information on Sphinx Log On Manager, Click Here .

    €79.00 (Serial)
    €89.00 (USB)
    €109.00 (PCMCIA)
    €109.00 (Keyboard - USB)

    Sphinx Log On Manager installs on a PC and can be used without a card management system. If you want to be able to issue cards to employees, reset card PINs, and print reports, then Sphinx CardMaker should be used to provide this complete card management system.

    The Sphinx CardMaker is an optional card management system for Sphinx Log On Manager installations that makes it easy to issue Sphinx cards, re-set Sphinx card PINs, and print reports. Sphinx CardMaker is completely scalable to your needs. If you just need to use CardMaker occasionally for a small installation it's easy to use, because the functionality is straight forward and intuitive. CardMaker includes capabilities that makes it ideal as a complete card management, central clearing house, and reporting system for large multi-application customers.

    Click Here - For detailed information on Sphinx CardMaker

    (Administrator Version)

    (Server Version) - Please Inquire

    Windows 2000 Log n Windows 2000 Smart Card Log On
    The Windows 2000 Smart Card Log On includes everything you need to secure your PC and enhance client authentication to a network domain. The Windows 2000 Log On utilizes digital certificates that are generated and loaded onto the card. It is specially designed for Windows 2000 networks (only).

    The Windows 2000 Smart Card Log On Pack is available with a choice of 3 different CHIPDRIVE readers:
    • CHIPDRIVE Micro 120 (Serial)
    • CHIPDRIVE Micro 130 | SCR335 (USB)
    • SCR Keyboard (USB)

    In addition to your choice of CHIPDRIVE readers, the Windows 2000 Smart Card Log On Pack also includes:
    • Windows 2000 Smart Card
    • CHIPDRIVE Driver Software
    • Cryptographic Service Provider Software
    • Comprehensive User Guide
    €79.00 (Serial)
    €99.00 (USB)
    €109.00 (SCM Keyboard - USB)

    Please take note that this software pack is designed to be deployed under
    Windows 2000 Server, or a Windows 2000 Server network infrastructure. It
    does not provide a smart card log on solution for Windows 9x, ME, or XP.
    Download the CHIPDRIVE Windows 2000 Smart Card Log On PDF file

    Tx ICafe iCafé
    iCafé is a complete Internet/PC access control system designed for Internet cafes and other public PC environments. The iCafé cards can be preloaded and used to meter access to PCs in Internet cafes. The iCafé cards are reusable and can be recharged using the iCafé Manager software. iCafé cards also include loyalty and demographic information gathering features.

    For more information please contact sales @

    click here for iCafé product page

    Logon Product Comparison

      Single Station LogonNetwork Log OnPassword ManagementDigital Certificate Req.
    Tx Log OnWinXP,Win2000,NT4WinXP,Win2000,WinNT------
    Windows 2000 Log On---Win2000---Win2000
    Sphinx Log OnWin2000,NT4WinXP,Win2000,NT4WinXP,Win2000,Win98



    In combination with the CHIPDRIVE time recording device or the CHIPDRIVE PC time clock, the software offers a simple and intuitive time recording system based on chip cards. Nominal times and fixed or variable breaks can be specified individually for each person. Graphical calendars are used to enter vacation days, public holidays and sick days. Project-specific time and cost analysis is also possible. This allows you to list the hours of all the personell that are involved in a project and then total those hours while taking into account the labor costs.

    click here for CHIPDRIVE Time Recording product page

    Price: €449.95

    Wall Mount €24.95
    Time Recording Device(CHIPDRIVE Mobile) €199.95
    5 User Cards €29.95
    10 User Cards €54.95
    25 User Cards €124.95
    1 Transport Card €14.95

    The demo software listed below is for evaluation only. Kalysis does not warrant that the functions contained in the software will meet your requirements or that the operation of the software will be error free.
    Download Demo Version Of The CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Software
    CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Frequently Asked Questions

    The CHIPDRIVE SIM-Manager Pro gives you access to the GSM card of your mobile phone - on your PC. You are able to load, copy and print telephone numbers comfortably and in very short time. The time of uncomfortable handling of small keys on your cellular phone is over. You are also able to import numbers from other applications!

    The CHIPDRIVE SIM-Manager Pro is available with either a serial or USB reader.

  • Read and write telephone numbers
  • Store and load telephone numbers
  • Edit SMS Messages
  • Administration of secret numbers
  • Extensive help system

  • Prices:
    €59.95 (Serial)
    €69.00 (USB)

    QCard is a versatile smart card based template driven application. QCard consists of 3 templates: health card, identification card, and a stored value/loyalty card. These templates provide an easy to use interface to input and save information specific to the template onto a smart card and to a Microsoft Access database file.

    The QCard Systems are sold separately or as a bundle in the QCard Trio. Each QCard product includes the QCard software, 1 smart card reader (USB or Serial) and 10 smart cards designed specifically for each application.

  • QCard Health = €299 Includes: 1 Smart Card Reader (USB or Serial), QCard Health Card Software and 10 smart cards (128kbit memory cards). (Can also be used with the CHIPDRIVE mobile reader which is sold separately and will be available in July 2003)
  • QCard ID = €299 Includes: 1 Smart Card Reader (USB or Serial), QCard ID Card Software, 10 smart cards (16kbit memory cards). (Can also be used with the CHIPDRIVE mobile reader which is sold separately and will be available in July 2003)
  • QCard Gift/Loyalty = €299 Includes: 1 Smart Card Reader (USB or Serial), QCard Gift/Loyalty Card Software, 10 smart cards (4kbit memory cards). (Can also be used with the CHIPDRIVE mobile reader or SRR Secure Retail Terminal which are sold separately and will be available in July 2003)
  • QCard Trio = €699 (Includes all three of the QCard systems and components above)

    Each of the QCard systems can be used with the CHIPDRIVE mobile portable smart card reader. Firmware applications for the CHIPDRIVE mobile will be available in July 2003 and the firmware will be included in each of the QCard products above. (CHIPDRIVE mobile sold separately)

    The QCard Gift/Loyalty system can be used with the CHIPDRIVE mobile or with the SRR Secure Retail Terminal. Firmware applications for the SRR Secure Retail Terminals will be available in July 2003 and the firmware will be included in the QCard Gift/Loyalty product. (SRR Secure Retail Terminal sold separately)

    Purchasing availability and detailed product information

    The CHIPDRIVE Developer Pack enables effective development of customized applications and systems using smart cards, card terminals, and PCs. Software development companies can use the kit to incorporate smart card technology into their current applications. Companies in the smart card industry seeking new applications can develop systems specific to their needs as well as those of their customers.

    For the SCM SCR readers you will need to use the PC/SC interface to develop your applications, as our CHIPDRIVE Developer Pack does not support the SCM readers.

    (These terminals are designed to work with applications that utilize the PC/SC interface or are written to use our drivers. 3rd party applications that are not designed this way will not be able to access the reader. They will not work with DSS programming software. No refunds are available.)

    The CHIPDRIVE Developer Pack supports Windows 3.1,95,98,Me,NT,2K, and XP. There is also a Linux Developer Pack available here Linux Developer Pack.

    The Developer Pack Includes:
    • API software
    • API documentation
    • Three(3) smart cards
    • One CHIPDRIVE micro 120
    Software Features:
    • Easy to use drivers for the CHIPDRIVE family of terminals.
    • Sample code written in C++, DELPHI, and VB included.
    • DLLs available in 16 and 32 Bit versions.
    • Sample application software.
    The API software also includes CardServer, a powerful background task handling:
    • Device and card administration.
    • Automatic protocol and card type detection.
    • Access control of several applications to one terminal.
    • Creation of read/write caches for speed improvement of memory cards.
    • Implementation of file systems for accessing data on smart card software.

    Price: €79.00
    CHIPDRIVE Developer Pack Frequently Asked Questions

    The CHIPDRIVE linuxpack contains many tools including the source code, which enables you to get access to memory and processor cards under Linux. With the help of demo-applications, you are able to develop your own applications, e.g. identification or encoding by chip card. Because the well-known CT-API and PC/SC interfaces are implemented under Linux, it is easy to integrate a CHIPDRIVE in your own applications. In addition, existing applications can be easily ported from Linux to Microsoft Windows - or vice versa. The CHIPDRIVE linuxpack was developed in cooperation with M.U.S.C.L.E. Please review the mailing list under if there are any problems, questions, suggestions - you are able to get in touch with the developers there.

    The LinuxPack Includes:

    • Linux Drivers
    • API Documentation
    • Three(3) smart cards
    • One CHIPDRIVE micro 120

    Price: €79.00

    The CHIPDRIVE Mobile SDK contains many tools that allow you to create your own custom applications for the CHIPDRIVE mobile.

    The CHIPDRIVE Mobile SDK Includes:

    • One(1) CHIPDRIVE Mobile
    • One(1) CHIPDRIVE Micro 120
    • CHIPDRIVE Mobile Compiler
    • CHIPDRIVE Terminal API Kit
    • Five(5) 16k Memory Cards
    • Five(5) 256k Memory Cards(Firmware Download Cards)
    • SDK Documentation in PDF format

    Price: €399.95

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